The purpose of the Bag Tag is to add another fun element to personal, league, and tournament rounds of disc golf. Your goal is to have the lowest numbered Bag Tag possible and have fun along the way. Have fun and follow the rules and spirit of disc golf. Please display your Bag Tag where others can easily see it.

How to receive your bag tag?

Bag tags are available to persons who hold an annual NTDG membership. Tags are distributed in order of purchase matching their NTDG membership. Only the designated tags for that year are eligible for play. NTDG bag tags become the permanent property of the member at the conclusion of the bag tag season.


All financial members of the Nelson Tasman Disc Golf Club will receive a bag tag as part of their annual membership. Members will receive the lowest numbered tag available that isn’t already in use.

Bag Tag rules

  1. Any NTDG members who currently and physically possess a bag tag may challenge, be challenged or participate in bag tag challenges.

  2. Any member with a higher Bag Tag number may challenge any player with a lower Bag Tag number to a round of disc golf (lowest tag number is 1).

  3. Members cannot avoid challenges by leaving the Bag Tag at home or by concealing your Bag Tag (see forfeiture).

  4. Challenges may be made in person, by telephone or electronically (ie, social media, email). When a challenge has been accepted, neither player can participate in Casual challenges until the agreed upon match has taken place.

  5. The player receiving the challenge can choose the course to be played AND must make a “fair and reasonable” effort to be available within 2 weeks. With the exception of if the person is unable to play ie; illness, injury, travel, family commitments etc. A challenge cannot be be out rightly declined; the maximum amount of time someone could be physically unable to play without forfeiting (swapping) their tag with the challenger would be 4 weeks.

  6. If the challenger cannot agree to a reasonable time or date for the match within the 2 weeks, the challenge is void and both players may look for new challenges.

  7. Once the challenge has been agreed upon, any changes must be agreed upon otherwise a forfeiture may occur.

  8. If the challenger has the lowest score for the round, the tags must be exchanged immediately following the round.

  9. Challenges are on a round-by-round basis; i.e. challenges are for one round only in a multiple round event.

  10. A challenge round must consist of at least 18 holes of play.

  11. A challenge must be on the same playing card.

  12. It’s a social game. Don’t be a dick.

Wins, ties and rematches

How do you win?

The player with the lowest score at the end of the challenge round earns the lowest numbered Bag Tag among the challengers on the playing card.

What happens if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie, the player who started with the lowest numbered Bag Tag will be awarded the lowest numbered Bag Tag. This may require some sorting in a group challenge. Playoff holes to determine a winner are not required.

When do you exchange bag tags?

Bag Tags must be exchanged immediately following the round.

Can I ask for a rematch?

Winners do not have to accept an immediate rematch. Rematches can occur after at least one week has passed since the original challenge, or both players have completed another, different challenge.

Challenge Formats

Tournament / League Challenges

  • Challenges can occur during any NTDG sanctioned events

  • Tags can be either played per card or full field. It can also be played on a round by round basis or end result across the entire tournament (if multiple rounds are played). The format of this MUST be agreed in advance and is optional for players.

  • The challenge still needs to be publicly announced or agreed upon before the start of the round.

  • Members may opt-out this challenge before the first tournament round is played.

Casual Round Challenges

NTDG members may casually meet at a course OR agree to meet at a course/time to compete for bag tags in:

  • Head-to-Head (me vs. you) challenges.

  • Group Challenges, where multiple players each put a Bag Tag at stake during the group round.

  • Members may not deny a challenge and then proceed to play a round (see forfeiture).


Each Bag Tag belongs to the entire club membership and should be accessible to all club members. Any club member will be required to surrender his/her Bag Tag if:

  • He/She is found to be purposely concealing the Bag Tag, especially with a low number.

  • Refusing and/or “forgetting” to carry his/her Bag Tag, especially to events where members are “likely” to be present.

  • Refusing challenges without valid reasons to do so.

  • Generally denying Bag Tag access to other members (TBD by 2 or more committee members).

  • Abandoning a challenge while it is in play

  • If you lose your Bag Tag, please report it immediately. You may then purchase the next lowest number Bag Tag available. Replacement tags, if available, will cost $15.00.

Rules are subject to change and the NTDG Committee will decide all disputes. The NTDG Committee reserves the right to revoke your Bag Tag at our discretion.

End of season results

At the end of the NTDG season, a winner will be determined and appropriate kudos will be awarded. The new year of challenges for the lowest bag tag number starts over when you renew your annual NTDG membership. Each season you will receive a new physical bag tag.